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Rangamma and her children are labeled a trash picking family.

Tin cans, cardboard, empty wine and beer bottles, plastic bags, and other recyclable items are her source of income. She picks these items up off the streets and from the back of small stores and sells them at a recycle center. Some are glad when she picks up the trash and others shoo her away. But no matter what people say, her determination and dedication to send her children to school and take care of her disabled son keeps her going. She gets no support from her family or society.

Rangamma’s son, Oblesh, has been a great help to his mother. While she is out working, he looks after his sister and handicapped brother. With the help of your gifts, he and his sister were able to attend Good Life School. Because they are very poor, they have been picked on at times and their family has had to put up with a lot. But Rangamma has always impressed us by the way she handles her life and family since her husband passed away.

Since the shutdown, she has been unable to pick up trash and her income suddenly stopped. With no money to buy food, she and her family would quickly go hungry. When the food package was delivered to their doorstep, the poor mother and her children had no words to express their thanks.

Since many families in India are barely able to make enough money for two square meals a day, you can imagine how difficult this shutdown has been. Thank you for being there for them!

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