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The Coronavirus pandemic has caused great panic in India. The government has shut down all public transportation. There are severe food shortages and widespread price gouging.

There are over 70 church families in a slum, who typically buy food day-to-day with the money they make, that now suddenly find themselves without work because the stone quarry has been closed. They are unable to feed their families.

The virus is threatening these people with crippling hunger. I know times are tough here in North America, but because of the extreme poverty in India, their situation is way more desperate.

For just $45 you can feed a hungry family for two weeks, or for $90.00, provide a care package that will supply a family for a whole month.

Each care package will feed a family for a month. It includes everything need for a typical Indian diet: rice, lentils, onions, spices, along with masks and soap. We even included a few special snack for the children.

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