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Imagine for a moment that you were born in India. Imagine you live in a small 6x8 hut put together with poles, thin bamboo and a heavy tarp to keep out the rain. Over time it starts falling apart and so temporary fixes are found to keep the rain and critters out; although since it isn’t tight the critters still find their way in. In the summer it is very hot inside and during rainy season, little puddles somehow seem to find their way inside.

Imagine you do not have much more than one or two sets of clothes and for some reason they never stay nice for long and are soon sporting a hole here or there. Imagine your little hut is in the midst of many other such little huts. There is nowhere to relieve oneself when nature calls unless you are lucky to have a small bamboo structure by your hut for that purpose or if you walk clear around the large slum to the designated area for men or women. Imagine that you must walk each day to fetch water for your mom from the local well. Imagine that you would then need to walk around the city digging through other people’s garbage to find enough “valuable” trash to help your family survive another day. Imagine that within the slum where you lived you heard a lot of yelling and swearing, drinking and fighting. Imagine that within your slum you and your friends only looked out for yourselves because it didn’t see like anyone else was looking out for you.

Imagine someone coming and speaking to you kindly; sounding like they were genuinely interested in you, not trying to just get something from you. Imagine what it would be like to hear beautiful songs that spoke of love, joy and peace. Imagine a puppet that would make you laugh, helping you forget for a bit the pain and hurt that so often is a part of your life. Imagine that these kind people would bring you a nice warm sweater to wear when the weather becomes cold or bring you a gift of many useful things and some fun things too. Imagine what it would be like to hear a beautiful story of a kind Shepherd who whenever a little lamb is missing He goes to look for it. Imagine finding out that this Shepherd loves and cares for you personally and that He promises to always be there for you. Imagine…

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