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Because of you, over 20,000 children attended VBS and heard the Gospel. For many of them it was the first time.

Much preparation goes into VBS. For example, feeding 20,000 children is no small job. It takes two teams of 30 workers each to prepare food each day to make sure everyone is fed a tasty meal. This is in addition to teachers, drivers, and many others needed to pull everything together. It certainly is a group effort.


And of course, none of this would have happened without your support. Thank you!


Many Young Lives Were Transformed!


"I attended VBS for the first time this year," commented one young girl. "My teacher taught us a lesson about Jason. He was so brave in every situation he faced. Like him, I want to live my life faithful to God. Even if anyone beats me, scolds me, or takes my life away I will follow Jesus."

"I used to make fun of those praying to Jesus," a young boy said. "I would try to distract those who were telling Bible stories. Now, my life is changed because I accepted Jesus into my heart at VBS. Now, I want to share God's love with others. I want to go to Sunday School every week."




"VBS is like a grand festival for my children," one thankful mother comments. "They look forward to it all year long. My friends and I are amazed that you would love our children and spend so much money to share the love of Christ with them at VBS. Many of us are uneducated and can't read the Bible stories to our children. You have taken the burden to teach my children that they might walk in the ways of the Lord. Thank you for investing in our children's lives."


A grandfather agrees. "I am very happy that you have been holding VBS in our village every year. I am so excited about the many changes I have seen in my grandchildren. They are obeying their parents and praying to God. Sometimes they share the Bible stories they have learned at VBS. Thank you for transforming the lives of the children in our area.


Your support provides more than a week at VBS. Your gift means an opportunity for the transformation of families. These families impact their communities. That's why your support is so vital.


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