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God has done amazing things here at our VBS in India! We started out with a small group of just over 800 children in 2007, and God grew the numbers larger and larger each year until last year, 2016, we had a group of 16,000 children!

You may be wondering how on earth we manage 16,000 children at once. It’s only by the grace of God, and He has provided a group of young men who are excited about getting involved and learning how to be a part of the ministry here. Praise God for willing hands to help spread the gospel!

VBS… Wow! It’s hard to describe in words what actually happened those four days! Many times we were greeted with a crowd of wide eyed children clapping to welcome us. We sat in front and observed the crowd; I saw many dear faces looking back at me. Some smiling, and so intent upon what was taking place. Behind many beautiful faces I saw pain. One girl in particular stood out to me. I wonder what hardships she has been through, and can only pray that God’s Word will take root in her heart and heal her pain. Sometimes tears would fill my eyes as the children looked expectantly at us. What an opportunity to be a part of what God is doing through VBS reaching many homes through their children! I prayed for spiritual protection and that God would open the eyes of each one’s understanding so they could take in what they were hearing. We serve an amazing God who is doing awesome things in the villages of Andhra Pradesh. Praise His holy name!!
Randy & Melanie and Shanda Nissley, PA

I was inspired by the dedication of the volunteers as they pursued the hearts of the children, making an impact on their lives. The children inspired me by how excited they were to hear the stories of the Bible and their desire to know more! God has blessed this VBS because of the vision the people have for seeing children put their trust in Him.
Matt Troyer, PA

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