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The day school offers free education to children from the surrounding slum areas. The children receive quality education from Christian teachers that care about them and teach them about Jesus.

In a land where 50% of the population makes less than $1 a day, children need an education to break free from the hold of absolute poverty.As children give their lives to Jesus through the continual discipleship at the school, it leads to Christ-following adults and families, making a difference for eternity.

The beginning of the Good Life Slum School

The people had lived in Hyderabad, under the bridge, for over 10 years. They picked up trash and sorted through it for a living. Sam started a school to give the children more of a future than just picking up trash. A few months later, the government forced everyone to leave and bulldozed the slum and school.Good Life was able to help the families to find a plot of land outside the city to resettle. We then built the school near them so the children could continue attending school. Attendance has now grown to around 272 children.

I Know the Plans I Have for You

When my future seems so confusing And I wonder what you have for me You whisper there’s no need to fear For I know the plans I have for you Plans to give you a hope and future Plans to give you abundant life For my ways are not your ways and My plans exceed the biggest of your dreams. By Dorcas Drawbond and Roxanne Yoder -Dedicated to the children of the Good Life Schools

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