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My Name is Kavitha. I am in the 8th grade. I have been to VBS several times. My family beat me the first time I went to VBS. I loved hearing the stories and singing the songs so I went back.This year I made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Since then my hardship has increased at home. My brother takes my Bible away from me when I read it and my dad keeps me from going to church. He tells my friends I have work to do and cannot come. I keep remembering what Jesus did on the cross for me; how much pain he bore for my sins. I am happy to suffer for Jesus because He suffered for me! I am so thankful that God used GLM VBS to save me! I am so happy with Jesus in my life. I want my Dad, Mom and brother to have this same happiness!

Please pray for children, like Kavitha, who suffer for the commitments they have made to follow Jesus at VBS and Good Life Clubs!

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