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School for Mani Kumari


Mani Kumari has not been able to walk or talk since she was born. She was, however, so excited when GLM provided a whiteboard for her to practice the alphabet on. Now, Mani is a part of GLM's program Disabled Children's Fund. Every week, a nurse visits her, and, although she doesn't talk Mani has progressed to trying to make sounds. When the pandemic occurred Mani's parents were away working and unable to return home. They did not know how or where they would get food for Mani. Your generous donations have made it possible for them to have food to eat during this difficult time.

Groceries for Rani


When Raju went to Maharashtra, his home state, he thought he would be back in a week or so. With travel suspended because of the pandemic, Raju was unable to return to his his wife and 5 daughters. Two of his daughters became sick and Raju's wife Rani was forced to borrow money for medicine. With your funds GLM was able to give Rani and her girls a month's supply of groceries. Your gift made a difference for her and her girls!

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